About Us

Our team, history and passion


We are the UK’s leading authority in ergonomics, inclusive design and manufacture of customer counters and security windows for applications such as ticket offices. As the industry experts, we set the industry standard. In fact, IDEAS are responsible for the ticket office guidelines adopted by Network Rail, for use across the network, and to be adopted by all projects. Our pay windows and counters and associated products have been reviewed by Network Rail's - Built Environment and Accessibility Panel (BEAP) and we have been awarded the Furniture Industry Research Association's (FIRA), Ergonomic Excellence Award. Our Principal is a Committee Member of British Standard Institute (BSI) for BSI Standard: BS 8300:2018 ‘Design of an accessible and inclusive built environment’.


At Ideas we completely understand the complexities and challenges of a new ticket office or customer counter project. These are complex working environments combining customer facing and retail applications with workplace design and computer users.

We evolved from the world of office furniture and workplace design specialising in technical furniture for control rooms and trading floors for multi-screen, 24hour and multi-user operations. We have transferred this technical and ergonomic know-how into applications such as ticket offices and customer information points – integrating technology, people and application. Organisations that have benefited from the ‘ideas process’ for technical furniture include: BBC, Scottish Power, Thomson Reuters, Virgin Media, BP, Shell, British Telecommunications and NTL. With nearly 3 decades of experience, founded in industrial design, ergonomics and project management, we believe in creating customer solutions rather than just providing a product or an installation. We care about the detail and ‘getting it right, the first time’.


It’s all about the detail and design process:  we lead with ‘design ergonomics’, an all-inclusive design ethos that underpins our process. Whether it’s a complex control room, a ticket office or reception desk, the same focussed approach is applied – with attention to ergonomics, technical integration and your business requirements.

The key features of our IDEAS process are:

  • Integration between people, task and equipment
  • Design detail and the benefits of designing in 3D
  • Ergonomics and a task-centred approach
  • Applications ticket offices, travel centres, CIP, receptions, control rooms
  • Solutions created specific to the client’s exact requirements

" Applying a human-centred approach from the outset of any project will improve project efficiency and delivery, saving valuable time, resources and ultimately money. Underpinning this is the importance of user comfort, health and safety."