Ideas Limited has contributed significantly to the design and development of customer counters with security windows for applications such as ticket offices. It is the exclusive licensee of patent number GB 2497547 B with the title ‘Counter system’ granted on 29 March 2017 (‘Patent’).

A copy of the Patent can be found here.

The Patent concerns a transaction counter suitable for applications such as ticket offices for use at stations and other locations and which provides a two-tier, dual-purpose transfer tray which enables wheelchair users and people of short stature the accessible transfer of objects such as tickets between individuals at the ticket counter.

Subject to the agreement of commercial terms, Ideas Limited is willing to licence the Patent to interested parties to allow them to manufacture, supply and install transaction counters which fall within the scope of the Patent. If you are interested in exploring licensing opportunities, please contact Keith Lovelace.



After filing the Patent, Ideas worked closely with Network Rail to produce contractor design guidelines to be implemented across the network which now form the base design for all of Network Rail’s inclusive ticket counters (‘Guidelines’).

A copy can be found here.

As noted in section 5 of the Guidelines, the dual height counter design adopted by Network Rail for all its new ticket counters includes a ‘patented flexible transaction tray’. As specified in Appendix C of the Guidelines, this is Ideas’ ‘DFA Cash Tray™’ design which is protected by the Patent.

Any supplier or contractor seeking to incorporate the DFA Cash Tray™ into its transaction counter, for example a ticket counter design, will require a licence directly from Ideas to do so. If you are contractor or supplier and wish to use the DFA Cash Tray™ design to comply with Network Rail requirements, please contact Keith Lovelace to discuss licence terms.