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Custom Solutions

Eliminate your worries by using our one-stop shop service for your own unique project requirements. That’s everything from concept design, development to manufacture and installation.


Ergonomics and integrated solutions

Customer counter and security window projects raise surprisingly complex challenges. Whatever the stage of your project, there will be crucial safety, accessibility, aesthetics and functionality issues to be addressed for users on both sides of the counter. Sometimes these problems seem insurmountable.

By taking an integrated and task-centred approach to all aspects of the design, manufacture and installation process, solutions can be created, and you will reduce your project risks.

Working with us gives you access to the best advice when you need it most, saving time, stress and money.

Work with the experts

To find the best customer counter & security window solution, you will need an experienced team to guide you. There will be challenges, whatever the stage of your project, from the initial concept through to manufacture and installation.

You can rest easy. “Ideas” are the industry experts. Working with us means that compliance is guaranteed. Our in depth knowledge sets the industry standard, which is why “Ideas” is trusted by clients in the domestic and international rail, airline, retail, hospitality and visitor attraction sectors.

Got a customer counter or security window challenge? Get in touch with our experts.


Our team has the knowledge and expertise to solve complex customer counter and security window design and installation problems, and working with us means

  • Better manufacture and installation outcomes by application of our ergonomic and inclusive design approaches
  • Reduced risk for your projects, getting quicker project completion and sign off
  • Meeting the industry standards with compliant installations. 

“Network Rail identifed Ideas for its ticket counter design, and reflects Network Rail’s aspiration for an inclusive and user-friendly solution.”