Heathrow Express (HEX)

Transaction Counter and Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs)


Heathrow Express wanted to close their ticket office and reconfigure the space into a hosting area, where staff could manage the Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs) and engage with customers, but still provide some traditional ticketing at the transaction counter. The desired approach included removing physical security screens.   
Ideas were approached by Heathrow Express as they recognised our understanding and knowledge of ergonomics, design and manufacture of retail and transaction counters, and also our creative and technical know-how. 


On our initial visits we gathered information, reviewed the existing arrangements and learnt about the specific needs. We wanted to understand previous pitfalls, equipment needs and the operational requirements for cash handling and engaging with customers. This information formed the basis of a brief from which we prepared our preliminary ideas. 
We presented a number of design concepts for ‘open plan’ style ticket counters, without physical barriers between staff and customers. The open counter design which was chosen for development also included a height adjustable desk to allow staff the choice of sitting or standing. 

The final design provided staff with:

  •  the flexibility of a counter that could be used for traditional ticketing
  • quick access to the TVMs to provide assistance and manage the queue line


Our final design reflected the evolution of ticketing and ticket offices, where critical factors for consideration include retail, queue management, safety and security, customer information floor walkers or hosting, traditional ticketing and TVMs, and staff welfare facilities.​

Ideas – Heathrow Case Study
Ideas – Heathrow Case Study
Ideas – Heathrow Case Study
Ideas – Heathrow Case Study
Ideas – Heathrow Case Study

"a design which reflects the evolution of ticketing and ticket offices"