Emergency Response Facility development


The Facilities Team at Shell was responsible for developing a new Emergency Response Facility (ERF). Their initial request to Ideas was for bench desking, but in our consultation we identified a need for a technical solution for a large capacity of data and power cabling and a means to house the computer equipment in the desk. Other criteria included quick access to power and data connectivity for staff at the desk top during an emergency response, and need for desks to remain tidy and in a state of readiness when not in use.

Simple, straightforward bench desking was not going to ful l the requirements of this crucial facility.


First, Ideas looked at the functional requirements of the Emergency Response Facility. We then moved on to designing solutions which would: address user comfort and ergonomics; meet the technical requirements of the facility; and which would also be robust and future proof. All of the solutions needed to provide easy post-installation access for engineers.

The robust and flexible desk design was based upon a development of our standard Ideas desk frame, which was strengthened laterally, and modified to accommodate speedy cable installation. To this was added desktop power and data connections and a large capacity cable management system.

Project specifications do change, and we responded rapidly to a late additional requirement to house equipment. Our solution designed the equipment cabinets around the leg frame structure, using these as a structural component to build-on. This response to a late change meant that there was minimal impact on the delivery of the programme. It also avoided introducing special data cabinets at extra cost.

Finally, a key requirement of the Emergency Response Facility was a visualizer desk. Ideas designed, manufactured and installed a bespoke desk based on our height adjustable desk technology. This facility means that one person can handle large charts and maps, unrolling them and keeping them at for digital capture.


By investing in upfront design consultation and detailed design, Shell have achieved a flexible and robust ‘future proofed’ bespoke solution that has responded to changing technologies and methods of working. 

Ideas – Shell Case Study
Ideas – Shell Case Study
Ideas – Shell Case Study
Ideas – Shell Case Study
Ideas – Shell Case Study

“detailed design and thorough understanding of the functional requirements led to delivery of a future-proofed solution by Ideas”