Could this be the best seating solution for standing counters?

Of all the design components that form part of a workstation, the choice of task chair is the one that can make all the difference.

As you would expect, the key features of an all-round ergonomic work station include:

  • correct counter configuration;
  • shape and size;
  • adjustable footrests;
  • monitor arms.

But, it is a chair that is responsive to the human body's constant need to move which is so important for a standing counter.

Whether sitting or standing, the key is to encourage variation and movement, and to avoid adopting static and prolonged sitting or standing postures.

Ergonomic seating solutions for ticket counters

balanced seating chair with footrest
Balanced seating chair at ticket counter, with user using footrest
balanced seating chair at ticket counter
Balanced seating chair a ticket counter, allowing the user to adopt flexible body position

Inspired by the horse saddle

We recently introduced our latest chair range to a new rail ticket office development, and as you can see, an innovative seating style has been embraced.

This seating solution draws its inspiration from the experience of the first long-term sitters – the horse rider. Even when sitting for long periods of time, riders always maintain a good posture and a well-balanced upper body. It’s this observation which inspired the design of the “saddle chair” and balanced seating.

This chair design is beneficial in the workplace as it:

  • encourages a sitting posture that reflects the natural resting position, as when you lie on your side while sleeping where the distinctive S - shape or lumbar curve is retained and the muscles are relaxed and well-balanced;
  • allows the spine to carry the body weight in a more comfortable way;
  • helps improve blood flow thus increasing oxygen to the brain helping reduce tiredness and improved wellbeing.

The best way to experience this type of chair is to try it out in your own workplace. Just get in touch with us and we can arrange for a demonstration chair to be trialed in your live working environment.   




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