The problem with noise, and how to solve it

Hard surfaces in working environments can cause noise problems

Noise is often a problem in working environments, especially where there are a lot of hard surfaces and walls, floors and ceilings with limited absorption capacity. Sounds reflect from hard surfaces, such as concrete, marble, laminates or glass, causing echoes or ‘acoustic reverberation’ and can make it difficult for people to hear in comfort.

Acoustic reverberation impacts on customer facing transactions – this problem is most acute for staff dealing with customer transactions. Speech enhancement systems are needed where there are security windows between customers and staff. However, reverberating sounds can diminish the performance of the equipment.

Noise contributes to workplace stress – such noise is recognised as stressful, and inhibits staff performance. In the workplace, noise or unwanted sound is not only annoying, it can cause staff to lose concentration and productivity. Simple noise control measures can be applied.

Simple measures can be adopted to control noise levels – highly effective solutions can include acoustic treatments for walls and ceilings and ‘acoustic panels’ which are manufactured from a combination of low and medium density wadding and fabric. Acoustic panels can also be applied to a desk space design, deployed as free-standing panels, inset into a ceiling grid or suspended from a roof.

Acoustic installations can integrate with existing décor – these installations don’t have to be intrusive. Acoustic panels can form part of a wall art treatment – ideal for corporate branding or graphic murals. A great example is at this Foreign Consulate in London where Ideas Ltd developed solutions for their acoustic problems, integrating with the existing décor.

Existing acoustic problems can be addressed – frequently, the acoustic performance of materials for walls, ceilings and floors has not been assessed at the start of a project. When this has not been done, the Ideas Ltd acoustic panels can be easily retro-fitted into existing installations.

Here at Ideas Ltd, we can assess and review the noise issues in an existing workplace. Our team will then calculate the position and quantity of panels required to create the best design solution.

If you would like to know more about our workplace acoustics solutions, then do get in touch with us here.


Part of the recent acoustic panel installation by Ideas Ltd at a Foreign Consulate in London.
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