Setting the standard for inclusive ticket counter design

In a recent article for Rail Technology Magazine, Boaz Yariv and Dr Elizabeth de Mello of Network Rail discussed the complexities of ticket sales counter design, and about how the Network Rail guidelines were developed.

Their 2012 research identified our continuous dual height counter, compliant with the 2011 DfT COP,  as 'standing out from all the others'. They also noted that Ideas Ltd had wholly embraced the idea of a fully-inclusive solution that was also pleasing aesthetically, and identified our good ergonomic understanding of the issues and ambition to deliver a total-design solution

The next step was for user groups to test a prototype at Paddington Station. The revised design was subsequently endorsed by Crossrail and adopted by Network Rail as the basis for the 'National Design Guidance for Ticket Sales Counters'.

The full Rail Technology Magazine article is available here.

If you'd like to know more about our inclusive ticket counters for rail, or other locations, then please contact Keith Lovelace.




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