Ideas – DFA Cash Tray

DFA Cash Tray

The DFA Cash Tray is a transaction tray designed and developed by Ideas, specifically for dual height customer counters, to allow both ambulant standing and those seated in a wheelchair, or of lower stature, to access the same customer sales counter. The DFA Cash Tray removes the need to build dedicated sales positions that are often referred to as the ‘DDA or disabled window’ and are vacant the majority of the time. For multiple transaction windows, it allows for all positions to be accessible and helps remove the stigma associated with disability and impairment.

  • Product Features:

    • Customer counters are accessible for all.
    • A discrete solution that is both functional and attractive.
    • Easily operated by staff and customer use.
  • Key benefits:

    • All sales positions are accessible.
    • No need for a dedicated ‘DDA or disabled’ position.
    • Maximise on the available space that would have required a dedicated ‘DDA or disabled’ position.
    • Save money.